School Mission & Objectives

As Christian parents and guardians we have the solemn responsibility to train our children in the Word of God. The Apostle Paul gave us the command in Holy Scripture, "Bring them (our children) up in the training and instruction of the Lord." Ephesians 6:4.

Realizing the importance of Christian education, Peace congregation established a Lutheran Elementary School in 1956 to assist parents in carrying out God's command to bring up their children in the training and instruction of the Lord. Our school accomplishes this goal not only by teaching God's Word, but also by teaching all other subjects in the light of God's Word.

We also realize that we must not only nurture those children found within our church but also reach out to the un-churched and to those who are seeking God's pure Word. Peace Lutheran School has a dual purpose. We strive to bring the Gospel message to those who are already in Christ’s fold; in addition we strive to bring the Gospel message to those who don’t know their Savior.

The mission of Peace Evangelical Lutheran School is to make disciples for Christ by using God’s Word to assist families in nourishing the souls of children and by providing a quality, Christian education that is rooted in the truths of God’s Word. We will reach out to the community by sharing the Gospel message and, in Christian love, modeling our faith. All this we do to the glory of God out of thankfulness and praise as we prepare students for this life and for eternity.

It is most fitting that we daily recognize the great blessing we have in our Lutheran Elementary School, thank our Almighty God for fostering it and preserving it and pray that it continue to be a proper instrument of the Lord to bring Christ to all nations. “Lord, grant, while worlds endure, we keep its teachings pure throughout all generations.” 


Peace Lutheran School has established the following objectives:
  • Teach the Scripture in its truth and purity.
  • To teach the basic Christian doctrines contained in the Bible.
  • To teach God's plan of salvation as found in the Bible.
  • To apply all Scriptural truths to the life of the child.
  • To equip the child with those things essential for a Christian life during the child's time of grace.
  • To equip the child spiritually o by providing a Christian environment in which the child can grow in faith.
    • by encouraging the child to live the Christian faith.
    • by instilling in the child a love for God's Word and His house.
    • by encouraging family devotions and regular public worship.
    • by instilling in the child a desire to give freely of the child's time, talents, and treasure for the work of the church in all areas.
  • To equip the child mentally o by instructing the child in all appropriate branches of learning.
    • by treating each child as an individual in accordance with their academic needs.
    • by encouraging each child to use God-given talents.
    • by providing experiences which will help the child to meet and deal with the problems of life.
  • To develop the child physically by teaching the child to respect the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • To prepare the child socially by instilling respect for each other, those in authority, and property.