Purpose and Objectives
Purpose and Objectives 

Peace Lutheran offers a preschool program for three and four year olds.  The purpose of our preschool is the same as our Lutheran Elementary School:  to make disciples of all nations.  Through our early childhood educational program, your child will be able to grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically in a Christian environment.  Our curriculum is designed to give the child a variety of experiences to enhance his and her development in these various areas.  These are areas in which you as are already training your child.  As a preschool, we want to work with you in giving your child opportunities to grow in the following areas:

Spiritual growth growing in knowledge of God, God's love for sinful man, and God's plan of salvation through Jesus; knowing that Jesus loves us through presentation of Bible stories, music discussions, etc.
Social growth growing in social behavior and developing skills; such as, respect for others (through interaction with other children), sharing, taking turns, being responsible and independent. 
Emotional growth developing control and understanding of feelings by learning about feelings and how to interact and respect others' feelings, and learning the appropriate ways to show feelings. 
Physical growth developing fine and large motor skills and growing in knowledge about one's physical needs, senses, and changes through a variety of activities to enhance fine and large motor coordination and through discussions about physical needs (food, clothing, hygiene) one's senses, growth, and changes. 
Cognitive growth developing in the areas of reading readiness, math concepts, problem solving, communication, and organization through a large variety of experiences and activities (counting, letter recognition, manipulatives, etc.)

May our gracious Lord guide us as we work together to carry out Jesus' words in John 21:15, "Feed my Lambs."  We look forward to sharing your child's Christian educational experience here at Peace Lutheran.  May God bless the staff and you, the parents, as we work together to bring up your children.
Feed my Lambs.  John 21:15